Art Form/Class refers to general categories; specific forms are listed in Object/Work Type.

Applied Arts:   Miscellaneous Objects: Covers all decorative arts except ceramics, furnishings, glass, metalwork and textiles.

Architectural Decoration:   Decoration that is or was attached to buildings.  Murals should be included under painting.

 Architectural Sculpture:   3D or relief sculptural forms that are or were attached to buildings.

 Architecture:   Buildings and monuments, as well as models, plans & elevations. 

 Biological Specimen:   Animals or plants, many are photographs, models or illustrations.

 Books & Manuscripts:   Includes incunabula (early printed books) as well as manuscripts and later printed books.

 Ceramics:   Use for utilitarian objects of various types of clay including porcelain.  Tiles would be included as would figurative vessels , but  ceramic sculpture,  including figurines,  goes under Sculpture.

Consumer Products

 Document:   Includes photographs of events, people and activities, as well as written documents, musical scores, etc.      

 Environment:   Shows a physical setting, which may be in a town or in nature.

Film & Video: Both stills and moving clips.

 Furnishings:   Includes chairs, tables, mirrors, stoves, house interiors.

 Glass:   Includes stained glass as well as glass vessels and objects.

 Graphic Arts: Drawings, etchings, lithographs, and other printed media, but not photographs.

 Graphic Design: Work that combines image and text to communicate a message, primarily with a commercial or other advertising intent. It include signs, posters, packaging, store fronts, topography, advertisements, etc.

 Group of Objects:   Use when the image includes a variety of objects that do not fit neatly within one of the other categories.

 Industrial Arts: Includes utilitarian objects, such as tools, weapons and scientific instruments, as well as objects made by machines.  Includes product design.

 Landscape Architecture:   Includes gardens, parks, grottos, gazebos, follies, water features, hahas, etc.

 Maps:   Includes both ancient and modern.

 Metalwork:   Includes coins & medals, reliquaries, grillwork, jewelry, and other objects made of metal, but not coins or metals, but not scientific instruments, or industrial objects.

 Mosaics:   Images created using small pieces of colored stone or glass.

 Painting:   Use for all types, including oil, tempera, fresco murals, watercolor.  The specific media type like oil or watercolor should be included in medium, while panel or mural can be included  in Object/Work Type.

Performance: Images of dancers and other types of theatrical performers.

 Photography:  This should be used for photography as photography, not for documents.

 Sculpture: 3-D works of art, including installations, figurines, and mobiles.

 Textiles: Use for all types of fabric, including tapestries and clothing.  Put the specific type in Object/Work Type.